About Dave Tucker


Dave is an internationally-known performer of early jazz styles. His first CD “Tickled Ragtime & Novelties” in 2001 featured the music of Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Zez Confrey and others. Dave has expanded his ragtime repertoire and explored many other forms of early syncopated music including European novelty piano and the Harlem stride of James P. Johnson, Willie “The Lion” Smith and Fats Waller. His second CD “Meadow Lark”, issued in April 2005, reflects his intense research, study and numerous experiences since first becoming a regular performer on the ragtime circuit.  Meadow Lark includes pieces of many styles, such as classic and modern-era ragtime, Harlem stride and other examples of early jazz piano music. Dave has performed at the International Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, the Blind Boone Ragtime Festival, the West Coast Ragtime Festival, the Lake Superior Ragtime Festival, the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival, the Alexandria Bay Ragtime/Jasstime Festival and the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society, among other numerous appearances. Dave has also conducted several ragtime presentations for school children. Dave now performs regularly in the Washington D.C. region as a soloist and small-combo pianist. In 2009 Dave became the Musical Director and pianist of the Hot Society Orchestra of Washington, a dance orchestra specializing in presenting the music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s (http://hotsociety.net). In addition, Dave helped develop a new jazz trio/combo called Reverie (http://www.reveriejazz.com). Dave also works with other musicians and vocalists for various projects in the D.C. area including Laissez Foure (a New Orleans style early-jazz group), the Hot Club of DC (gypsy jazz) and other invited special events.

Recently Dave has begun performing regularly in his home town of Colonial Beach, Virginia as a solo pianist, and with a small combo including Bob Taylor, a veteran staff musician with the Grand Ol’ Opry in the 1960s-1970s. Yes, Dave has gone a little country! Most recently, Dave picked up the drum sticks again and joined the Rockabilly & Blues band “Hard to Tell”, a very busy band working throughout Virginia, particularly in the Northern Neck region.

Contact Information Dave Tucker David W. Tucker & Associates LLC, P.O. Box 550, Colonial Beach, Va 22443

Email: dave@turboragtime.com www.dave-tucker.com 703-861-8218