Dave plays drums too!

Well this is a new thing gone wild.  I played drums growing up and essentially stopped the day I graduated high school.  Since then I’ve been privileged to play alongside some great drummers, and have watched many in action.  I’ve been inspired by Grammy Award winner Danny Coots who sometimes plays just a simple snare with brushes, or perhaps snare with a hi-hat and another cymbal.  I’ve always thought I could do it too.  Recently some of the fine musicians in Colonial Beach offered to give me a chance to play along and give it a try.  Well they say “once a drummer always a drummer” and I’ve found that it’s come back pretty easy.  However, these are ancient skills for me and certain things are taking awhile to get going (e.g. “stirring the soup”), but for the most part it is going alright and it’s a ton of fun.  I’m enjoying it because it is so different from what I’ve been doing in the past, and it’s all about listening to the rest of the band and making up something appropriate on-the fly.


Hello world!

I am re-doing my website.  The old website relied upon a single computer that failed completely several months back.  I wasn’t able to access the webservers to make changes.  Yadda Yadda Yadda.  So now I’m finally getting a whole new website going to centralize my schedule which should bring all my various music schedules together in one place.  The Hot Society website focuses only on HSO stuff and can be found at http://hotsociety.net.